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Meet Forscience, a Paladin played by infamous professional gamer Athene. Mere hours after the World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm went live in Europe, this was the.Camped him, logging in and out, from server restart until he spawned. tamed him. the spawn timer is relatively accurate as the server came back up at 9am pst and he spawned around 3:45, so 6 hours 45 mins for me.Camped the cave for about an hour and finally tamed him at 21:05 server time (Proudmoore).World of Warcraft Arena World. Fastest way to level 85-90?. If questing is logically the most efficient and fastest way to level what areas of Pandaria should.Best Destruction Warlock DPS Guide in WoW Legion 7.3. Level 110.Not like I fell out of the area, but just not near my trap rendering it useless.Be sure to keep the mobs in the room with the pool of water cleared out.title World of Warcraft - Destruction Warlock DPS! (level 85) - WoW Warlock - TGN.TV: published: October 30, 2010: category: Shows: canembed: 1: hd: 1: Keywords.

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I heard she was a hard tame but as I am 73 I was not too worried.Blizzard Guides | Email Us. (Kill the nagas at loc 48,56, on the beach in Azhara) Level zone: 50 Special Drops: Green items,. Vanilla World of Warcraft Guides.Top Cataclysm wow private servers supporting patch 4.x. Cataclysm is the third expansion maximum level 85, popular patches are 4.0.3 to 4.3.4.A complete searchable and filterable list of all Level 80–85 Instances in World of Warcraft: Legion. Always up to date with the latest patch (7.3.5).For me at this moment in playing its Im really liking some of the older rares again:).Loged in today and camped for 4 hours loggin back in ever 15 minutes.

Level-Loc. In creating Devil-Loc Deluxe we knew we had to not only capture. Devil-Loc Deluxe adds full control over the compression and. - approx. 0.85 seconds.When he broke out of the trap I still needed 2-4 secs to tame him.

How to get to Pandaria at level 85 (Alliance). Blizzard wants players to focus on lvl 1-10 Pandaren characters and level 85 new skill system. World of Warcraft.

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It took me a few tries due to trap resists but I finally got him.Lockpicking is a rogue class skill. The trained ability, [Pick Lock] (learned at level 16 or.I hit FD hoping they would think I was dead, and it actually worked.WoW Hunter Pets is the ultimate visual petopia of wow pets for wow hunters with complete details for every World of Warcraft pet updated frequently.So he is still around after 3.0.2. Supposedly he spawns anywhere in between 6 and 8 hours.

Paladin Level 85 Reference Guide. Looking at fresh level 85 gear,. and features you can visit our World of Warcraft Game Page.This is my first time ever commenting on these boards, although I have read them regularly.World of Warcraft Wiki. 105,314 Pages. The instance gained a Heroic mode for level 85 players. Paladin Tanking Heroic Deadmines Part 1 - World of Warcraft.After roughly 2 days of camping off and on I found him at 63.0, 18.7 at 4:39 PM on Perenolde on the rock outside the cave like others have mentioned.

Masked Armory by MaskedCrusader.com - Anonymous WoW (world of warcraft) profiles. These WoW armory profiles include alternate gear sets, sorted reputations, mount and.Your reward is an everlasting frond which is everlasting as it says and apes eat these.:).

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I have camped him for a long time and checked back frequently.Then I came here and read everything and found out it was a rare spawn and was even less happy.Begin your journey to level 85 in WoW now. DUGI’S ULTIMATE WORLD OF WARCRAFT LEVELING GUIDE is available for instant download.

WoW Leveling 85-90: World of Warcraft Leveling Tips, Heirlooms, Buffs, Potions, and Gear!. Heirloom Cloak – Gives you +10% experience through level 85.

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Playing as a blood elf, I had met a friendly Draenei shaman who was helping me through.I killed the 55 everytime he spawned as well as any other gorilla that came along.While Kate is working the latest World of Warcraft expansion pack from the bottom up, I am tasked with taking my level 85 character to level 90, exploring what's new.Abandoned my ugly black gorilla.layed down a freezing trap.hit him with concussive shot.and then tamed him while he was frozen.simple as that.I recommend getting a Thunderer and working on Thunderstomp 3 as you do your initial pass through the cave for a safe hiding spot.Went down to the cave and wandered in, trap-tamed him and let him growl his way to happiness as he killed his fellow gorillas on the way out.

I am a returne player to wow, i am extremly sick of the old quests, i had to level my warlock trough 80 to 90, i been simply doing random dungeons.Each time envisioning what I would do when I saw the white gorilla.When I started to walk in, I was really excited to actually see him on the minimap, and I ran up to him.The Alliance decided to attack me first, he was at a much higher level than I am, same with the other hunter.Oh man i was just reading these comments and tabbed back in and BOOM there he is.finally i was getting worried i saw a total of 5 hunters come in waiting for him while i was there.

I managed to fear them, regroup fear them get another pet and when I was just about to start over.a BE pally came in and killed them in front of me.Edit: 4 days straight in this cave and have had the gorilla killed, WHILE I WAS CIRCLING THE CAVE, 4 times.This way the questers will get in there, kill him and get out quickly.

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